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Transport, shipping, logistics

We provide assistance to Clients operating in the TSL industry, both on the domestic and international markets. We provide legal advice on starting a business and providing transport, shipping, logistics services.

Our team includes, among others, lawyers with many years of experience in TSL, both from the legal and practical side.

In the area of TSL industry, we offer:

  • preparation of model contracts, general terms and conditions and regulations for the provision of transport, shipping, logistics services in domestic and international traffic, taking into account various branches of transport.
  • legal services for projects related to logistics infrastructure (logistics parks, storage, industrial and office facilities, fleet of vehicles, professional equipment and installations, IT solutions and systems). We negotiate contracts.
  • training of employees on the key regulations of Polish and European carriage law, with the aim of minimizing potential damages in the future;
  • counselingcounselling on disputes and litigation associated with the provision of transport, shipping and logistics services, as well as disputes regarding logistics infrastructure.
  • legal advice on liability insurance for the logistics operator, shipper and carrier, as well as insurance for the property that is the subject of the services.
Aleksandra Grabarska

Aleksandra Grabarska

Counsel | Legal advisor | Luxembourg lawyer

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