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As part of ensuring the security of your personal data, our Law Firm offers you:

1. GDPR audit

●      Consisting in a detailed audit of your company for compliance of its processes with the GDPR, which includes an assessment of documentation, organizational safeguards and physical and IT security measures. After the audit, an audit report will be issued along with recommendations, which we can also help you implement. Once the recommendations are implemented, you will receive a GDPR Compliance Certification.

2. GDPR implementation [with a Data Protection Officern inspector].

●      With a professionally conducted analysis of personal data breach risks associated with your business, we will propose a customized, tailor-made implementation scheme and provide support from an experienced expert. We can also update your current processes and policies so that they fully protect the data of your customers, counterparties and employees.

3. DPO care / DPO outsourcing

●      The Data Protection Officer develops and implements the necessary procedures and documentation on an ongoing basis, acts as an advisor and supervisor, ensuring your company’s compliance with GDPR requirements.

4. GDPR training

●      We offer a series of training courses for employees and executives because we believe that any security is only as strong as its weakest link –- therefore, through education you will increase your employees’ awareness of risks, which will translate directly into the security of the entire organization.

5. GDPR breach handling

●      This service consists not only in reporting a breach, but also in helping you understand the consequences of the breach and take appropriate action.

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