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Family foundation and succession

A fFamily fFoundation is a legal solution that opens up new opportunities not only in the area of business succession, but also in other areas.

We provide comprehensive support services in the area of estate planning, including management of family assets, generational succession and capital preservation. We offer support and advice at every stage of the establishment of a family foundation from the planning stage, through the stage of establishing the foundation and securing capital.

In this area, we offer:

  • support for Clients in selecting the optimal structure of assets to be contributed to the family foundation; in determining the optimal form of foundation management and also in the distribution of family foundation assets upon its dissolution;
  • assistance in inheritance planning and succession planning;
  •  coordination of intergenerational transfer projects;
  • services regarding all aspects of the protection and restructuring of private and business assets, including foreign private foundations and trusts and holding companies in foreign jurisdictions, particularly from the United States;
  • assistance in the due fulfillmentfulfilment of reporting obligations with respect to assets in Poland and abroad, including reporting obligations associated with international exchange of information on tax and financial matters (CRS, FATCA).
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Aleksandra Grabarska

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