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ESG is the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects that are taken into account to determine the sustainable nature of a business. It is also the entire spectrum of responsible business, human rights, ecology and good governance practices.

As a Law Firm, we provide our Clients with comprehensive support at all stages of reporting ESG issues. We advise on key aspects of operation of all industries and  types of companies and partnerships, helping them to develop in a sustainable way. We show which tools to use so that ESG implementation brings not only improvements in the organization’s operations, but also tangible economic benefits.

In this area, we offer:

  •  support in integrating ESG components into the corporate strategy;
  •  support for the development and implementation of decarbonization strategies;
  • advice on the implementation and performance of information obligations (reporting on taxonomy compliance, reporting on sustainable activities, reporting on negative impacts of investment decisions);
  • advice on due diligence policies with respect to company operations and supply chains;
  • advice related to the liability of the company and board members for violations of standards for ESG components – internal and in supply chains;
  • advice on corporate governance;
  • advice on employee relations;
  • advice on remuneration structure and policy and reporting;
  • due diligence of real estate in terms of green investments and their financing as well as real estate intended for revitalization (buildings, post-industrial sites), processes of renovation and revitalization of buildings and post-industrial sites and the related environmental standards;
  • advice on green leases, including in certified buildings (e.g. LEED, BREEAM)
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