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Disputes and swis franc cases

In addition to cases concerning Swiss franc mortgage loans, the KBiW Law Firm also specializes in other matters in dispute. We represent our Clients in the course of negotiations conducted directly with the other party, and if this does not bring the expected result, –- before mediators, common courts and courts of arbitration, the Supreme Court or public administration bodies.

We represent our Clients among others:

  • in tenancy matters, which in the era of the COVID-19 threat has become a skill that is extremely appreciated,
  • in corporate disputes and disputes related to violations of fair competition,
  • in disputes related to infringement of copyrights and personal interests.

We also represent our Clients in tax controversies, –- both at the stage of audit and tax proceedings, in matters concerning individual tax interpretations, Binding Rate Information (WIS), etc. We know how important tax security is for those who run a business, which is why we also cooperate with tax advisors on VAT, CIT, PIT. We also advise on the risk of fiscal criminal liability.

When we work with our Clients, we try to understand their business so that we can create for them the solutions that will help them avoid disputes in the first place. This is also the element that, in our opinion, makes KBiW stand out among other law firms.

The KBiW’s team dealing with cases concerning Swiss franc mortgage loans, headed by attorney at law Wiktor Budzewski, was one of the first in Poland to address this issue. As a result, we perfectly understand and know the arguments presented by banks. This allows us to prepare ourselves even better for each case.

It is, among other things, thanks to our great commitment to creatingdeveloping arguments and presenting them before courts throughout Poland that the CHF mortgage loan borrowers represented by KBiW win most of the litigations.

  • We handle cases at every stage, including those in which consumers were sued by the bank after theiry agreement had been terminated,
  • We are involved in deal with disputes with almost every bank in Poland,
  • Our portfolio includes some of the biggest wins in Poland.
Wiktor Budzewski

Wiktor Budzewski

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