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Copyright and intellectual property

In the area of intellectual property law at KBiW we provide:

  • Ongoing advice on the management of intellectual property rights,
  • Analysis and preparation of contracts concerning copyright or industrial property,
  •  Counselling in matters concerning the protection of copyrights and related rights and intellectual property rights,
  • Carrying out clearances, i.e. examining the possibility of using a given right or object, e.g. in a film work,
  • Representing Clients in disputes concerning intellectual property rights.

We support, among others, publishing houses, the creative and event industry and entities involved in film productions.

Interesting projects:

  • We are involved in film productions carried out for, among others, Netflix.
  • We successfully represented Polish Creators in negotiations regarding infringement of their copyrights by a leading clothing brand
Maciej Małanicz-Przybylski

Maciej Małanicz-Przybylski

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